Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!

Sam stayed up till 11:45 for his first new year! I'd say that's pretty good! He hates loud noise so maybe it's best!
We spent the new year with macie, Kj, and Eva with my parents and lydie. We didn't do much in particular, just enjoying each others company. Family time is always a good time.
Sam started doing a new communication thing that when he wants something a whole lot he pumps his arm up and down really fast and breathes really fast. It's super cute.
2011 has been a great year. One of the most fun of my life. If a list could sum it up here it is...

-Sam entered into our lives nice and early July first. Blessing straight from heaven. Can I say that again? Blessing straight from heaven.
-I got to give birth With out an epidural the way I have always dreamed of. And I loved every bit of it.
-Zach got another year of college under his belt. And decided to work towards becoming an English professor. He loves it.
-I survived being pregnant. Nausea for 9 months was pretty rough but oh so worth it. Zach was super husband. I did few if any dishes during that time.
-Zach worked at Sanpete messenger, the county paper. That always kept him on his toes.
- I know there are many eventful things that took place throughout the year but it would take quite some time to document. We are so grateful that our little family became a family of three and that we have such wonderful family and friends around us. It has been a wonderful journey.
2012 here we come!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So fun

So, since being a mom I often wonder "what did I do with all my time before becoming a mom ?" now a days I play with Sam and take care of him on top of doing all the things I did before I had a baby! And life seems just so in sync. The answer ? Motherhood has brought so much purpose into my life. I love focusing on my little family and working hard for them. I love waking up and knowing exactly what I need to do right when I need to do it. I love everything about motherhood and family life. I can't think of anything better I could be using my time for. And for that matter I can't think of anything that is more fun! I just feel so grateful and happy to be in this season of my life. Motherhood hardly feels like a sacrifice because I feel so alive and purposeful and happy. Life is not perfect. Everybody knows that, but one think I do know is that being a mama has brought more joy and more love into my life. More than I thought was possible.

Look at this little guy. Sometimes I am filled with so much joy for this little man that I do not know what to do?! Squeeze him ? Squeal with excitement ? Munch on his little cheeks? I find myself daily instantaneously kneeling in gratitude for the blessing of motherhood. For Sam's little self in our family. Truly motherhood is a crowning blessing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Johnny tree

This Christmas eve macie and Kj decided to make a Johnny tree to put. By his grave site. We made ginger bread men and decorated them with little glasses like angel Johnny. When we took the tree Kj bore a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. Johnny came as a little babe to this earth to teach us of our savior. The savior also came to this earth to teach and lead us. We sang silent night and joy to the world around Johnny's headstone and tree. It was beautiful.
One of the song lines was "mother and child" and I could not help but think of how much macie loves Johnny. I thought of how Mary loved Jesus and how Mary must of aches so deeply as she saw her son suffer as he did for us. I thought of Macie watching her little Johnny suffer as he did. It is amazing how life turns out. I am so grateful for my sisters example of faithful motherhood. She is a rock. She is so strong yet delicate and loving. She is in part how I visualize Mary the mother of god. I love her so dearly and am blessed to be her sister. We love Johnny and we can't wait to be with him forever. I know that through Jesus Christ we can be reunited and that all our sorrows are for a godly purpose if we will let the light of the world into our hearts. Just as Macie and Kj have done.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas !

Could he be any cuter? Seriously he melts my heart every time he pulls out his gummy grin.
We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and gift giving. I really worked at focusing my Christmas season around Christ because quiet frankly it is hard to with all the bustle of Christmas gifting. Let's just say it was a success. I am so grateful for the saviors eternal and infinite sacrifice. Through the blessing of Prayer I feel that I have drawn closer in thought word deed and desire to our heavenly king. There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding as is growing in harmony with god. I am so grateful for this.

I am so grateful for the supportive and loving family that we have. They are so dear to us. There is nothing like spending time with family! Sam sure enjoyed his new toys and sailor clothes. More pictures coming soon of his adorable little Christmas self. It was a great first Christmas for Sam the sailor!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Not so brilliant mommy moment

This morning I had Sam wrapped onto me with the moby wrap. We LOVE the moby wrap it is my favorite baby "extra" we use it daily. So I had Sam in the moby and he was ready for his morning nap. I was trying to finish some house work so I gave him WRAPPED candy cane to play with. He loved it about 20 min later I smelled peppermint so I went to the mirror and he had opened the candy cane and was SUPER quietly sucking all the peppermint juices that he could possibly get to ! Ah! It was all over his little face! All the corn syrup and red dye! So I learned my lesson. Sam is getting big! He was pretty sad when I took it away. Poor guy. Not to mention it was kind of cute since he was wearing his Christmas Grammy Jammie's and sucking on a candy cane. Oh well.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New toy

So we found has a new favorite toy! An orange, silicone, baking cup. For making cupcakes and such. He literally chomps on this for HOURS! It cracks me up. He gets super excited when he sees it, and LOVE mashing, chewing, and pulling this little guy. It's super cute!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sleepy nugget

I love that every morning I get to wake up to this little guy snuggled up next to me! Can I say heaven. I am just waiting for him to wake up and I feel so grateful for his little self in my life. He is an angel.
Last night I had a migraine and Sam just decided to stay up till 12:30! Usually he is in bed at 8:30. Zach was awesome and played with Sam the whole time until he was tired enough for sleep. Thank you Zach! I love life as a mother and I love my dear zachery. Even when there are late nights, and sleepy nuggets.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mustache magic

We have been having a little too much fun over in these parts with the mustache me app for my iPhone. Grand isn't it? There will definitely be more posts with fantastical mustaches here and there. Enjoy!

Oh yeah and the pictures with Sam and the bottle are my favorite. He doesn't drink or eat from a bottle, it is more of a play time activity. He gets super excited as he chomps on the end, while getting a little snack. Super cute.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

1st thanksgiving for Sam and an abundance of pictures

Sam had his first thanksgiving at nana and papa fins house. we had such a fun time and lots of yummy food. After the long drive ( not really but for a little guy in the car seat it was long) to Orem, Sam had his first real scaredy attack ! My whole family was at the house (except elder finlinson in korea! Hooray) and it was kind of loud with lots of people all excited to see him, and he kind of freaked out. It was a new experience. I nursed him and he finally calmed down after ten minutes of screams. So sad, but alas he had a wonderful time and warmed up to the big loving family who like to laugh and kiss his little toes and hold his little self . So in the end I know that Sam is as thankful for all the family and especially cousins Eden, Eva, and Leila who he would giggle and smile at. And I am grateful for little nieces who are so gentle and excited to see Sam all the time. We had a wonderful time but really missed all of Zachs family who were so far away! (we were super excited that Elliot could come down from byui and be with us!) We wish we could see the whole fam this holiday season, but I guess that's why we are thankful for iPhone communication and Skype ! Anyway thanksgiving was great, I think we all got rejuvenated after family time and the big ol feast! Can't wait till Christmas!
We also got to see Ryan and his new fiancé Michelle with her sweet little girl Ellie. We are so excited for that cute little family !

Did I mention?

We got iPhones and I think they are the greatest invention ever! I am going to start blogging again cause it is now so easy to do while I have some spare time feeding Sam!
And for a little treat here is Sam with his next door buddy Isaac who is my friend Kandi's little guy! We love having them over to play! And... Sam meeting dearest Kristen crespo who lives so far away in Texas. Boo. But we were so glad to see them over thanksgiving !

Life around here lately...

Sam has been such a fun little buddy ! He wakes up every morning with a big gummy grin! He wiggles around all over the floor and LOVES to have daddy play time and coo at mommy. Zach recently got an iPad that he uses for school and when it came in the mail I had to take a picture of Sam enjoying the new packages. Anyway we have really been enjoying each other in our little ephraim apartment. I try and go on a walk with Sam everyday. He is starting to learn how to crawl and push himself up all by himself! Where did time go ? I think it was just the last post that he was born!!! Oops. I also started doing once a month cooking freezer meals and we are locing it as a family! Check it out at Anyway I feel very grateful for Zacherys hard work and Sam's sweet smile. I love being a mother and I sure love my boys!