Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week Three

You are growing! At your two week appointment you were 4lbs. 110z.! Then this week at your 3 week Dr. appointment you were 5lbs. 6.5oz! Dr. Weipert was shocked! You gained 11.5 oz. in 7 days! The goal for premie babies is to gain an oz. a gained at least and oz and a half each day! Keep up the good work! It does not surprise me that you gained so much weight, you eat 10 times a day (more than the average of 8) and you eat till milk runs out of your mouth. I have to put burp clothes every where when I feed you because you try to eat so fast that milk gets all over your face. It does not help that my milk pours out with out you even having to suck! You have to stop and catch your breath every few gulps. Daddy thinks it is the cutest thing he has ever seen. By the way Dad use to get after me for saying 'cute' too much! He is now saying 'cute' at every little thing you do, and wear. He dressed you in a little blue striped jammy suit and could not get enough cuddles from you early this morning. He loves you so much and is always wanting to help. You two are going to have so much fun!

Week Two

Sam, you are such a strong little guy! While you were in the NICU, one of your nurses, Kathy who was one of our favorites, said that she heard you crying, so she went to check on you. You had rolled over and scooted down to the end of the isolet with your tummy up and over the sponge roll that protected you! I have no idea where you got the strength but you got it! Dad says it is your monkey jump. It is also somewhat difficult to change your diaper because you are a wiggly worm with the strongest legs! Nana and Uncle Tyson cannot believe how you hold your head up and you are only 2 weeks old! Amazing little guy!
You are a very good baby. You are very content and happy. We always see you looking around trying to figure things out. A few days ago I ate a whole bag of cherries and that really upset you! I could not get you to keep your milk down, and you were crying in so much pain. I felt so bad. Dr. Branham said that your little system is intolerant to Corn and Cherries, not forever, but just for a while. Ironically I ate tons of cherries and fresh corn on the cob all day that day! I am so sorry that you had to go through that!
Sam, you are eating very well! You wake up before each feeding, every 2-3 hours. You always manage to give the most heart warming smiles while I feed you. I love it! Feeding you is one of my favorite things. I love to sit there with you on my lap while your little dark eyes peer up at me. I love to sing 'I am a child of God' 'I lived in heaven' 'sweet hour of prayer' and 'the King of Love my Shepard is'. You really like music. I am so grateful for your little self to be here with us. You are such a good, happy little guy. We love you so much.

Week one

Sam has been doing so so well. The Doctors are absolutely shocked at the progress he is making. Sam was put in the NICU as a what they call a 'feeder grower'. He basically needs to just be able to eat and gain weight. He started being fed through a NG tube that went into his stomach. I was able to produce enough milk and colostrum right off the bat that he did not need formula! (I have so much milk that I am feeding my little nephew Johnny who is also in the NICU right now!) The nurse said I have enough milk to feed twins or more! I count that a major blessing! Another major blessing is that Sam is a natural breast feeding baby. The nurses call him a barracuda. We tried a non nutritive feed where he breast feeds but I pump right before, so he is only getting a full tummy from the NG tube. He LOVED it. They then upped him to one real breastfeed a day and Sam thought that was the best! He got to suck and get milk. He went for 41 minutes straight! The doctors quickly put him at 2 nutritive feeds a day, which he passed so they went on to 4 of the 8 feeds to be nutritive. He was slowly gaining weight and eating so great! He got to come home from the NICU after being there only 11 days which is amazing! There are still multiple babies in the NICU who have been there for 28 days plus who still are stuck on non nutritive feedings! Sam really has done so so well. The doctor said that in his 2o plus years of working in the NICU he has never seen a baby like Sam who does so amazingly! It was so nice to bring Sam home, one of the reasons being that Zach and I were exhausted from driving to the hospital every 3 hours to feed him. By the time we got home from the hospital we would have 1 hour until we had to go back. This schedule went on all day/ all night. We both have loved having him home where I can wake up, feed Sam in bed, and go right back to sleep! Amazing!
The day he was discharged Zach brought Sam back from the car seat test and we got to take off all the leads and cords! He looked like a fresh baby. I have never seen Zach so happy to be with his little son, going home, cord free! We could not believe how tiny and adorable Sam looked in his little car seat. It was all such a great experience.
This is random but Zach and I thought that the hospital beds were so comfy! Maybe it was because we were so exhausted, but really we give them an A+!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Part II

The 3 of us got to the hospital at 3:30am. I was worried about transferring to a hospital that I had not received care at, but I LOVED my experience at AF hospital. The nurse took me to a triage room and I was dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced!! Wow. They left us in the room for an hour as they watched my progress and sure enough after an hour I was to a 5 plus. Next step, I was admitted and given a labor and delivery room that had a beautiful view of the Timpanogos Temple. All the nurses said it was their favorite. The contractions were getting stronger, and I began vocalizing during each one. I was so grateful that the hospital really was open to doing whatever I wanted to do. I felt totally comfortable, and all the staff was amazing! My mom, Zach and I continued through the night dealing with the contractions. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy, or rather doable the contractions were. Soon enough I was dilated to a 9 plus and so ready for the baby to come. The nurse broke my water, which I am not sure if that was a good thing in the long run, but oh well. When my water broke it was the most relieving feeling ever. So much pressure was removed. Soon after the labor began to get really intense. I loved every second of it, and I know that sounds crazy. I remember I started to cry because I felt such love and gratitude. I remember saying, "I love my baby. I love my little Sam. " "I am going to see him so soon!" I also said over and over, "I never want an epidural, I love this." I really did. It was such an unexpected experience. The nurses kept saying that I had the ideal labor. They told me to call them in when I had the urge to push. Unfortunately that urge never came! I was in transition for 3.5 hours and could never dilate to a 10 for whatever reason. I remember praying and praying for the urge to push, I just wanted to help him out, but he would not drop down. The first few hours were very manageable, very intense and painful, but doable. I remember noticing something changing in the labor pain where instinctually I knew something was not right. I have never been in labor before, but I just knew that something was hurting more than it should. Something was wrong. We did not know at the time, but my placenta was detaching from the uterus. I was bleeding so so much but the nurse was not worried about me so she was not checking on me that often. I got to the point where I looked down at my arms and they were stark white, I felt clammy and dead. It was like I could feel the life draining from me. At this point I knew I could not go on any longer, but that something needed to change because with losing so much blood from the placenta coming off was causing major pain and my energy was just about gone. In my attempt to communicate with words, which is so difficult when you are in your own little labor land, I said, "I need an epidural." In my mind I remember thinking no it is not the epidural I need, but something needs to happen cause something is wrong. My mom and Zach so graciously said, "Ky you can do it. You made us promise that we would not let you do that. You can do it, you are so close!" We all kept thinking that Sam would make his arrival any time, but he wouldnt come through. When Zach and my mom saw that I looked like I was going to faint from lack of blood they got the nurse who then quickly got the doctor, and they very quickly saw that I was having an abruption and Sam needed to come out quickly. Because I was dilated fully, and the doctor was awesome, I did not have a C section! Wahoo! Within 8 min of the Doctor arriving, Sam was born. I remember being rolled on my back and seeing 15 people fill the room. There were people there to help Sam, 2 people trying to put an IV in, and nurses on both sides of me pushing my legs up to get ready and push. Zach and my mom were on each side of me giving me encouragement! At this point I did not know what was going on, but I knew Sam would be fine, I just needed to get him out. They put an oxygen mask on me, but I thought it was drugs because I felt SO good after breathing it...My body obviously did not have enough blood! The doctor pulled Sam down into my birth canal and told me to push. I pushed so so hard that I popped my IV out! They quickly tried to put it in again but the urge to push was so strong. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. I remember pleading with the nurses doing my IV to hurry cause I wanted to push. After a few pushes, an episiotomy, and forceps Sam was born into this beautiful world! They put him on my chest and then he was whisked away to the nursery to be taken care of. His lungs had filled with blood from the abruption, but once that was removed his lungs were fine. It sounds like such a crazy experience, and it was, but I truly loved it. I was so glad to be there and bring my little man into the world. I sound like a crazy woman, but I loved that I felt everything and that I knew what was going on with my body. I would not want to do the abruption part again because everyone has said that that added way more pain to the actual labor. Zach was such a perfect support for me while in labor. He never panicked or did not know what to do. He rubbed my hands and feet, he talked with me, he supported me literally when I could not take my weight. My mom also was so helpful. They were the perfect birth team! They sang to me when I was trying to stay so focused, and they would sing hymn after hymn. Zach finally ran out of songs to sing and began singing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam! I remember thinking, "really?" We laugh pretty hard about it now. They both say that their testimonies of the atonement grew "3 sizes" that day as they sang the line, "Thou didst bleed and die for me." They were wiping tears away as they sang songs about the Savior and his sacrifice. I feel so extremely blessed that everything went so well, even though it was an emergency at the end! I definitely loved the whole experience.

Welcome Samuel Taylor Power! Part 1

He is here! A lot earlier than we expected, but we are just so happy that our little man is healthy and strong and here in our arms! I began having contractions on tuesday June 28th in the evening. I knew they were contractions because they were every 20 minutes apart and they were somewhat painful, unlike the uncomfortable Braxton hicks contractions I had been having since I was 18 weeks pregnant. I decided to just wait it out and see if they went away. They stayed all night, all wednesday and all Thursday. Wednesday night I called my midwife to see what I should do. She had me head into the birth center first thing Thursday morning where I was given an anti cramp tincture that should stop my labor. They also checked me and I was 70% effaced and dilated to a 2. I was going into labor! They sent me home and had me on bed rest. I could not believe it! I spent my time sewing a dress, and trying to keep my mind from focusing on the contractions. Thursday night I had my family baby shower at my parents house where we were staying, and the whole time my labor was picking up, although no one knew what was going on! As I was opening presents I would kind of zone out and stare at everyone as I tried to smile and focus on the contraction. Once the last present was opened I went straight down to my bedroom and laid down. I could not believe that this was happening. I was somewhat worried because if he decided to come now I could not deliver at the birth center that I wanted to be at, but would have to go to the hospital. Zach and my mom kept saying, if he can just wait 2 weeks you can still deliver at the birth center, but I had a feeling that he was not going to stay in there that long! Zach gave me a blessing Thursday night because I was concerned that I was in pre term labor. One of the lines that was said, was that "I would be surprised with what my true desires are." After the blessing we both felt peace, but I had a feeling that this little guy was coming. At first I thought my desire was to have my baby at the birth center when he was full term, but I was overcome with the feeling that my true desires are to do Heavenly Father's will for me. This brings the most joy and happiness. My sister Macie packed a birth bag for me and then Zach and I laid down to go to bed. No one seemed to think that the baby would really be coming. I did not go to sleep but I laid there and breathed through each contraction. The contraction pain was interesting because in a weird way I liked it. I could feel my cervix opening and the pressure pushing him down. When I tried to wake Zach up he was so groggy that it took several tries and several contractions. We called my midwife who said I should get to the hospital. The contractions were coming ever 5-10 minutes apart, and while I was on the phone with her I began to throw up, a sign of active labor. Zach and I began laughing and wandering around the room trying to figure our what to take! It was 3 am in the morning. I put on one of Zach's shirts, and Zach put on a nice pair of slacks and a button up shirt. Later we laughed that Zach go all dressed up for the occasion when it was about to get quite messy. My mom and Zach and I got in the car and headed for American Fork Hospital. I felt great. The contraction would come, I would focus through it, and then I felt like a million bucks! I was so excited that this really was it! Our baby was coming!

The Pregnancy

Now that Sam is here I miss feeling his little movements inside all day and night. It amazes me that my body created such a perfect little body that functions completely on its own. What a miracle. I did not have the easiest pregnancy, but I am grateful for all the enjoyable little moments I had while this little guy was being built. I loved each night how I would lay there and spent time with Sam as he would do gymnastics inside. I loved going on walks outside to get fresh air, to stretch my legs, and sometimes to help me from throwing up:) I loved that Zach and I grew closer together as he cared for me in times when I could not get out of bed or even venture into the kitchen for a second to find food. I am grateful that Zach was so loving when I would "worship the porcelain throne" (as my institute teacher would say) and Zach would hold my hair back and help me along. I am grateful for the moments of joy that filled me so fully that I have a little boy growing inside. Those were moments of intense love that will never be forgotten. I miss in a strange way the many funny memories that were made while I was very sick. Ones like racing home from the library and barely making it to the front door when I threw up all over the front door. By the time I got inside and rags to clean it up it was frozen on pretty solid. yuck. Or when I had to run out of the ballet classes that I taught at Snow College in an attempt to make it to the bathroom. The most memorable story that follows along those lines is one night while I was saying prayers with Zach I speedily jumped up and ran to the kitchen sink, but I missed and threw up on the kitchen floor. As I was throwing up in the sink Zach came running to help me. The lights were off and he slipped and fell splat on the linoleum floor. We were laughing hysterically, but my laughs made us laugh even harder because the were intertwined with the most disgusting sounds that accompany vomiting. Sorry that is kind of too much information. Aside from these moments of nausea the pregnancy was good. I loved feeling Sam grow bigger each week inside of me. I loved reading all about labor and pregnancy. I loved being pregnant so much despite the nausea that I saw a picture of my pregnant friend who will have her baby in a few weeks and I instantly started planning the soonest I could have another baby! I love being a woman, and find it such a great blessing that I can create life, and nurture it into this life. What could be more amazing. Truly womanhood and motherhood are synonymous with divinity.

On a funny note here is Zach when he was very pregnant....just not with a baby. :)

This picture was taken the sunday before Sam was born. I was 35 weeks along exactly in this picture.
28 weeks and feeling great!
27.8 weeks. I had just finished my pregnant work out video that I loved.

24 weeks...still feeling really sick.
23.5 weeks
20 weeks... and wearing the dress that I bought with the birthday money from Eric. Thanks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

You did it! We were so excited to find out that we could room with you. The doctor looked at your papers and said,  "I see no reason why we shouldn't move him ahead."
I held you in my arms because you were crying. I held you in my arms as I studied my Scriptures. We both listened to Michael Dowdle.
I must mention the love and sacrifice that you mother made for you and has for you. Since you were born your mother has spent her time and energy all for you. She has been selfless. For over ten days straight she would drive with me to the hospital, breast feed you, then pump milk, then drive home, maybe eat and maybe get an hour or two of sleep before doing it again. There is no doubt in my mind the strength and love you mother has for you and the Lord Jesus Christ.
After some time in the room and some more feedings you and I embarked in the "carseat trial."
You looked so small and cute. Cute is not a word I usually use by the way. I ran to our room to get a picture of you.
I am writing this as you are in the carseat. I have great expectations of you son, even past the carseat.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011


You came in a wake of miracles.
It had been about a week since you were born. Your mom and I felt worn to the bone because we were traveling back and forth from the hospital all day and through the late night hours.

One evening right before we left Nana Fin gave me some mail. I was excited to look at it so I opened it and looked at it as I was driving. "Wait til' you're done driving," your mother asked me. I put it down and finished our drive back to the hospital. Once there I sat down and looked at it. It was for health insurance. The deductible was about one hundred dollars and the coverage went back until April. The insurance I currently had for you had a ten thousand dollar deductible and I still had to have you go through underwriting. I thought it was a trick so I looked it up on the internet. It seemed to be real, but to make sure I called your Papa Fin. 
"It's the best insurance on the planet," he said, " I would take it in a heartbeat." I was shocked all the more. 
I called the insurance company that sent me the letter. Surly they wouldn't cover you back until April; I hadn't payed any premiums. I asked the insurance representative "So... does he have to go through any underwriting?" 
"No, sir, you've earned it."
Well let me go back a bit. 
In high school I spent two days of my summer modeling as a nerd for a stock photography company. I made a couple hundred dollars and felt very blessed.

Years later, after marrying your mother and attending Snow College, I received a phone call from Grandma Power. "Zach, someone wants to pay you."
Well come to find out a big company made a commercial and wanted to pay me for it. I was surprised. I had already been paid a couple hundred dollars, now they wanted to pay me more. 
I started to receive checks in the mail. Don't worry, we saved every penny of it. 

And that's what the representative meant when she said "No, sir, you earned it."

Well, it came at the exact right time. Your stay in the hospital was mounting in the tens of thousands. 

I know that the Lord is looking out for us. Nothing could have been felt as a bigger blessing and been timed so exactly. 
I know that Jesus Christ lives.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011


Today was a rough day for mom and I. 
I woke up this morning to a "Mr. Power... Mr. Power..." and saw the social worker standing above me.
He told me that there was "no more room in the inn tonight."
Your mom was with you at the time, so I sleepily walked down the hall to let her know.

We moved out. Mom cried tears of frustration. After I took her home I came back so I could talk to the Doctor. I waited for a couple hours. When he came I tried to explain that you needed to progress. He kept you at the same orders; three feeds a day. 



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 6, 2011


I have been so excited to see you.

You've been in the hospital for nearly a week now, and you've been doing fabulous. 
When you were born the pediatrician said you were very opinionated. Later that was confirmed when you refused to nurse on your mother's left side. For some reason you only liked the right. Good job son; choose the right. It's good to know that you are so young and only choosing the right. 

You were strong-willed from the beginning. When I told Papa Fin that you were strong-willed like he is he said "Poor sap. He'll have to deal with that the rest of his life." I laughed. It will serve you well as you master it in these last days.

So, here's a break down of your birthday. Mom went into labor the midnight after your baby shower. If I'm right you were probably excited for all the presents mom was opening. She woke me up, with much difficulty. I'm a heavy sleeper. Nana Fin, your mom and I hoped in the car and started to drive.

We were headed toward Provo, but then did a u-turn toward American Fork Hospital, which is next to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. Once we were there mom started to dilate about a centimeter an hour. She was focused and, for some unknown reason, enjoying the labor. At one point she was crying saying "I love it, I don't know why, but I love it."

Then she started to say things like "You guys are so rude," because we wouldn't let her have an epidural. She made me promise not to give it to her, and that was a great sacrifice she made for you. Later we found out that the placenta was pulling away from the uterus and causing her excruciating pain. She stopped dilating at 9 centimeters. She just needed one more, but it never happened.

The doctor came in and made some quick decisions. Before I knew it she had forceps around your head, was telling your mother to push, and was trying to pull you out. After your mom popped her IV out from pushing so hard, and after Doctor Kari Lawrence gave her an episiotomy, which hurts by the way, you were out in the air screaming.

You had blood in your lungs and stomach from the premature dismissal of the placenta. They put you on a table and cleaned you off and sucked out as much blood as they could. They laid you on mom for a second, then whisked you away to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The whole way down you were grunting. One of the doctors explained some things about your lungs. 

They put you on a ventilator for an hour and a half. During that time they poked your heel and did other necessary procedures. You cried and I whispered "Hey Sam," and continued to soothe you. "If he does well when we take the ventilator off then we can keep it off," the pediatrician said. You did well. At that point I knew you were a strong soul.

And you continued to be strong. Your first nursing was 41 minutes long. You only needed to go for ten minutes to move to the next level. You did great. In the mean time your mother was pumping milk, called colostrum, and conserving every little drop with a syringe.

They put a IV on your head. We all laughed because for a second it looked like a bow.

Eventually we moved you to the Timpanogos Hospital, for insurance reasons. That was a hard move for your mother and I. You did great, but we struggled to adjust to the new hospital and new procedures.

You kept improving. I was so happy. You went from two breastfeeds to three, and now we have hope that you will improve to four breastfeeds. 

And that's a quick rundown of when you were born.