Friday, March 26, 2010

ONE MONTH!! ...and one day!

So, Kylie often hears Zach say, "Kylie I love you a whole Lot...Big enough to build a house on!"
One night when Zach and Kylie were engaged, Zach came running into Kylie's house so enthusiastic that he needed to show her something. He put Kylie's boots on and helped her get her coat, took her by the hand, had her close her eyes, and then he led her down the street. After a short walk Zach picked her up and started to carry her. She was laughing and very excited for the surprise...and indeed it was!!!! Kylie opened her eyes and saw in a very LARGE field that Zach had written, "I LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT!" Shrills! They gave each other a BIG hug and danced around. Yep, Zach and Kylie love each other, they got married, and now they have been married for ONE MONTH!!!! and could not be happier.

To everyone out there...
Marriage is the best.
We now have been married 1 official month and have loved every bit of it.
Mazel Tov!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Husband EVER!

I got ready for best last night with this little message on the mirror. Zach has a way to write little messages everywhere for me.

Could I be any more blessed?
Zach is incredible.
I love to come home to him.
I love talking with him about silly things, or gospel topics.
I love hearing him pray or teach me about the scriptures.
I love that he likes the food I cook.
I love that he works hard.
I love that he is not picky.
I love that he is happy and sees smiley faces everywhere in absurd places.
I love that he really wants to do anything to help me even after a long day's work.
I love that he is not a complainer.
I love that he enjoys going to the temple.
I love his insight into life, people, ideas, and gospel principles.
I love him.

I could not be more blessed. more full. more happy with where our life together is going.

Life is GOOD: to be desired or approved of; we live at peace with each other, which is good/ a good quality of life. Pleasing and welcome. (definition of Good. according to webster)


Happy 1st 3 weeks of marriage!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Honeydoo...

Once again these pictures are slightly backwards in time. We ended up in St. George, UT and had a blast! So beautiful and warm. We made a stop to do sealings in the St. George Temple. IT is beautiful! The temple is so crisp and white, as you can see from the pictures. The weather was so nice that we went for long, wonderful conversation, sight seeing, world exploring walks.

Zach's wonderful camera skills captured this fun "where's the temple" shot. ha.

Then this happened on our "honeydoo". We found a .50 mustache machine and could NOT resist. And...we just happened to get the BEST mustache in the mix. Check this out "It is the best"(to be said with a slight hispanic accent, or chinese accent) While wearing the stash I think we liked to talk in a spanish accent and where an oriental face as from the pictures shown.

Zach found this guy at the meat market. He was such a good sales man we decided to buy some chicken. I mean who would not want to buy meat from this creeper?
After a long 3 hours of driving which Zach so willingly did, he took a little stretch break, while Kylie sat in the car snapping sneaky pictures. Isn't he even cute when stretching his calf? ha ha.
This is the front room of our "Honeymoon Cottage" which our friends so kindly let us stay at for a few nights. BEAUTIFUL. fresh and so cute! The cottage is up the canyon and nestled back in the woods. It was a wonderful stay. Thanks you friends for letting us enjoy your creative little bungalow!

According to Zach and Kylie.....
HONEYDOO's are the BEST.


This here friends is exactly how I felt when Zach and I were driving home from the temple. And this is what we saw when we were driving home from the temple. And it is how I feel everyday. I feel FULL. Look at those clouds and that sunshine pouring in. I feel so full of joy. of peace. of hope. of excitement. of love. of kindness. of God's blessings. of GRATITUDE. I always think of this image every day because it in some way portrays how I feel. So FULL. Zach put it best when we were leaving the Manti Temple. He said, "I have never felt so relieved, not like whoo glad that was over, but like wow I feel so good. So relaxed. So full of peace and joy. So happy that we are right where Our Heavenly Father wants us."
It is so worth marrying the right person, at the right time, in the right place, and by the right authority. Heavenly Father is so very good to all His children. We are so blessed to have temples on the earth where we can organize ETERNAL family units.

The pictures are kind of in the wrong order... Check out what happened to our car! Whip creamed!!! We got a car wash the next day, and we their is rancid cream down in the back cracks of the car! In fact the car is currently sitting outside and if you walk by at the right angle, you will smell some "derrierre" or "Dairy Air"....Yum.

John & Kristen, Dallin, Amanda, Zach & Kylie, Aly, Jen, Hannah, Kellen, Paige Magee & Annie McFly....
Dear Friends,
I am so glad that you ALL made it to come see me at the temple. You guys are awesome. That is all. I would do ANYTHING for all of you.

Yahoo! Best feeling ever. Look how incredibly HAPPY we are! To everyone out there in the blog world....I LOVE ZACHERY TAYLOR POWER & I AM NOW HIS WIFE! hot diggity!
The wedding day was fantastic. The weather was absolutely beautiful.
The Temple was so special.
Friends and family drove up to 2 hours to get to Manti.
WE are in love.
I am married to my first love.
Zach married his first love.
WE could not be more incredibly blessed.
Take a peek at some of these snap shots that my sister took...The real deal fancy photographer pictures are up and coming...but here is a taste.
Thanks to all for such a fun, family, love, blessed filled day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stay tuned...

The wedding was perfect. Honeymoon was perfect.
Stay tuned folks for upcoming fabulous wedding & honeymoon pictures, thoughts, laughs and memories.
It is going to be good.

So in love.
So happy.
So blessed.


Dear Lizzie Flash back

Oh this was so fun. My dear, wonderful friends from highschool took me to Dear Lizzie, the cutest little bistro and boutique that we LOVE. It was a little one last celebration of friendship before I got married. Thank you girls. So fun. I borrowed the pictures from Paige ( )The lovely group...Jessica, Me, Annie, Hannah, and Paige is taking the picture.