Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 2013

October 2013

"While feeding Eliza I heard Zach say while sleeping, "It's okay Sam someday someone nice will snatch you away and lead you to the kings of.... "  and then he trailed off. I have been laughing anytime I remember it.  9.27.13

My dad hired "victor and the boys" from canyon park to come do some yard work at the house. Sam watched them all day out the windows. When they left, Sam asked me "mom where's those polk a dot guys?" I was puzzled and he said "those brown Polk a dot guys?" Because they were Hispanic with brown skin, he tried to make sense of it by think they had a brown Polk a dot over their skin!

Sigago in the gongies. Sam was saying this while he was playing by himself in the bedroom. He often refers to sigago as a person as well as "noddy". I don't know if it's an imaginary friend thing or not?! 10.21.13

Sam recently runs around saying "Traladada " over and over. It's adorable. 10.23.13

With Geoff and melanie and the kids in town, we all got together at aunt Kim and uncle chads house for Monday night dinner. While at the house Sam had everyone laughing all night. He was running in endless circles around the middle loop of the house. The dog was following him. Sam ran with his tongue out and making fast car noises. His arms were tight and in place as he sped around. He went around at least twenty times if not way more. Everyone was just laughing at how funny he was. He also was speaking to everyone and hanging out with the teenage boy cousins telling them what to do. He just cracks us up. 10.21.13

Eliza's blessing was on Sunday the 20th. It was a wonderful day. The powers were all in town so we had them over for dinner and then the grand parents came over for the blessing and apple cake dessert. Zach opened the evening up by leading everyone in singing I am a child of god. The feeling that entered the room as we sang was marvelous. He then had Grammie pray and the me bear my testimony. It was very providential. I bore my testimony of Christ being our savior and sustainer. And that I believe that he can heal and overcome any trial obstacle or heart ache. I felt power in my witness and saw it carried into the hearts of those in attendance. I recall seeing grandma petersons eyes filled with tears of tender feelings. Love entered the room. As the men circled around Eliza you could feel such love and strength. Zachery blessed her with beautiful blessings of righteousness, to walk with The Lord, to live with strength and health. He is a devout father who loves his children dearly. Before the blessing Zach went into the bathroom and prayed for guidance and help in blessing his sweet daughter. We know god heard our prayer. 10.20.13

Sam calls flamingos "kamingos" I love it. It's so cute.

We have a monkey hand puppet that Sam likes me to do while he talks and interacts with the monkey. He wanted me to take the puppet off my hand so I could help him with another project. He said to me "mom, take your hand out of baby monkeys.....uh.... Bottom. ?!"

When Sam awoke from his nap he sat up and said "where's my pirate chomps!" He was frantically looking for whatever those are in his bed.  He took a nice long nap with mommy and Eliza all of us snuggled up. Grammie power is visiting and Sam is having lots of fun with her an Issy. He keeps looking for Calvin who is on a mission now. We dropped him off on Wednesday. Sam just adores the whole power family. We wish thy were closer. Not in Texas!
I heard Sam crying at the bottom of the stairs. I went to see what the matter was. He was awkward stuck in his pajama shirt trying to get out. He said "mom there's carrot soup all over my Jammie's! And ketchup! " carrot soup? We have never had that or talked about it and nothing was on his Jammie's. It made me laugh at the imagination of this boy;)

We were playing in the basement and Sam came to me and said " penny johns! Penny johns!!" He must be my child laughing at silly names.

Sam recently has been whippin out some hilarious dance moves. His movement is usually a gallop skip up down motion with his body stiff and his hands moving around. So awesome.

When trying to get Sam to eat his curry soup, he was clearly not wanting to have it. Being the logical problem solver that he is, he tells me "mom we can't eat that, it has snakes in it." He said it in such a grown up way like he was trying to be helpful. It was hilarious.

Lydia was trying on dresses for Halloween costume options and each time she would walk out he would say, "oh I love it! I love that dress Lydia" ;)

Sam and I went for a quick drive to get pumpkin bread.  He told me, "mommy, daddy is a prophet. " I was surprised cause I haven't really talked about prophets with him. I asked him what a prophet is and he said "he goes a preachin and does priesthood. " I have no idea where he got that from!

Late last night while we all were laying in bed with the candle glowing, trying to all fall asleep, especially Sam... Sam says "mommy I don't want to deficate"I kept asking "what?" Cause I could t understand and then finally Zach and I started laughing when we realized what he was saying. The only time Sam has heard that word was when Zach, about two months or more prior had been telling Sam to say something more appropriate instead of pee and poo. So Zach was saying urinate and deficate. It never flew with Sam. And then here we are months later when he randomly saying that! So funny and how did he remember that!

Sam picked up a nail and said "careful with this mom it might poke your schlaybop"

Well Sam did not want to dress up in his Peter Pan costume for Halloween which is funny cause he wants to where it everyday... Except for Halloween. Oh well. Everyone all night kept asking what he was dressed as? Let's see a two year old in a grey pea coat, a green winter hat... "Uh Sam" we said "go roll around it the gutter, then we can say that you're a little bum;)". Sam didn't get the humor.
Sam loved the hot chocolate that nana gives out on the corner by the roaring bonfire we build every year. He had endless cups. Which was okay cause he didn't really have any candy. The first trick or greater he saw was a skeleton, which he loves skeletons. It was earth shattering to him, in a good way, to see a real walking skeleton at his house! Then he saw a pirate, a ninja, etc. the night kept getting cooler! He acted like he owned the place calling out to the hundreds of trick or treaters "hey guys come get some hot chocolate! How are you? Get some hot chocolate!" He said this all in his "grown up voice " which makes it even more hilarious! Then when the people would leave he would yell "thanks guys! Thanks! Have a good night!" Oh for a two year old he was running the hot chocolate corner without any help! Oh it was so fun.
After the nights festivities Sam got the pumpkin card that umpa and kiwi sent him and he began telling me elaborate stories about the pumpkins, swords, a pot of water, and a cat. Somehow it all fit together! Anyway holidays are so fun because we realize how grateful we are for all the friends and family we have. We like to celebrate at any chance we get!