Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last saturday my sister Macie threw a wonderfully fun bridal shower for me with lots of friends! It was so great to catch up with friends from all my walks of life...childhood, elementary, Liahona, wardies, Ballet, BYU...I absolutely LOVE all the wonderful women in my life who have forever influenced and inspired me!



Some of the gang...

Here are some of the SNOW COLLEGE buddies that showed up...Go Badgers!

Jen, Mckaye and Caroline.

Hannah & Stacie...My Arizona Angels!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love to See the Temple...I go inside Friday...

Last Friday...2.12.10...I went to the Provo Temple for the first time...
To everyone out there...Going to the temple is worth anything! It is worth any sacrifice to go to the temple. WE are so incredibly blessed to have the literal house of the Lord on earth, where we can go make covenants.
I LOVE the Temple.

Love the new family! Geoff and Melanie are absolutely wonderful.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm...

What a PERFECT Day! WE had so much fun and the weather was more than we could have asked for. There was a beautiful snow fall the night before the shoot, and there was a perfect snow fall for some of the pictures. Our good neighbor let us take pictures at her simply wonderful cottage up the canyon. It was fabulous. WE also absolutely LOVED our photographer Brittany Andersen, and I more than recommend her to everyone for any pictures! Here are just a few of the 200 pictures we took...I borrowed them off Brittany's Blog...Go here to see more!


PS...The one just above in the lower right corner is my absolute favorite! Isnt it beautiful? Oh I LOVE it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's True!

So it's True! We are in love...and getting married. Zach moved in to my ward when I was 15 and he was 17. We became best of friends, and have many fun high-school memories! Zach left on his mission to Australia in December of 2007, and I went down to school at Snow College the fall of 2007. Long story short, Zach came home December 23rd of 2009, and we were engaged December 30th of 2009! Here are just a few pictures of that wonderful winter day. We went down to Ephraim to go do baptisms in the Manti temple, and look around my old stopping grounds of Snow College. With thirty minutes before going to do baptisms, we took a stroll around the temple grounds. Some how Zach was sneaky and found out that I had a favorite place up on a hill behind the temple that I used to go to every week when I was attending Snow College. We happily trudged up the snowy mountain and stood at the top overlooking the Manti Temple. There we stood to catch our breath, before he took it away again...(quoting Zach). He turned to me knelt down and pulled out the most beautiful ring! This was a huge surprise because I did not know he even had a ring! And it just happened to be the exact ring I would have wished for! Wow. He knows what is up! I said YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Of course!!!!! We were just all smiles. I could not believe it! (I thought he would propose on New Years Eve)... It was the most perfect & lovely day, and now we are getting married! So to fill all of you in, there is a short, condensed version of our engagement.

ps. The picture with the "Well Done Elder Power" Sign was actually the sign that was put up in Zach's front lawn the day he came home from his mission...My mom, being very funny, took the sign and hung it up in from of my house the day that Zach proposed to me! When Zach and I made it home that night we could not stop laughing at how funny this was! Well done Zach! way to get movin and Shakin!