Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunshine, Family, a wedding, and a long trip home...

We are back!
Man it has been a long time. Zach and I travelled down to Arizona for my Cousin Jordan's wedding (pictures coming soon!) WE were able to catch up with family and have a wonderful time down in the sunshine while it was snowing here in Utah! Yes great timing! But for now it is good to be back, getting back into the swing of things!

Pictures coming soon...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Zach,

I would marry you all over again, because you can do your cool eye thing, because you make me laugh, because you are fun to be with, even when life gets stressful, because your jokes make me giggle, because you never let yourself get weighed down with life's silly things, because you are always cool, calm, and collected, because you always cheer me up, because you know what true happiness is, and where to gain it from, because you are happiness. When I think of you I think of pure happiness. All the time. The kind that is real. Not fake. The kind that lifts others. The kind that even when bad or hard things happen, is always filled with hope and a smile in the heart.
You're the best.

ps. this video, seen below, is one I just found from HIS mission. Priceless.