Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 2013


Sam's story to me after he is wondering where the worker guy who came this morning (the plumber who came this morning to look at the bathroom to put a tub in) 

Sam: mom where did the worker guy go?

Mom: I'm not sure maybe to the store to buy some things? 

Sam: no I saw him over on that house. (He points to the Williams) and then a big cat came and licked me! Woah woah woah! And then the worker guy climbed on a ladder and I kicked him over the fence and I said get my tubby! And then the cat climbed the ladder. 

Mom: wow Sam that's crazy. 

Last Monday while teaching the first vision for family night I was reading Joseph smith history while Zach was acting it out for Sam. It came to the part when Zach was acting as god the father appearing to Joseph (Sam). Zach pointed to our picture of the savior on the wall and said "this is my beloved son, hear him" Sam then responded very earnestly and eagerly "I hear you!" It was adorable. 

Last night Sam woke up crying and all he would say was "daddy! Daddy! Daddy ate my fox!"

Sam peacefully awoke from his nap and said "mom I went to a special garden. Mom where's that special garden at, I want to go back." He said he loved the people there. 

Sam went to Eva's 5th birthday party today. It was fun to see him interact with all the kids. He is very well behaved and aware of the other kids. He is very observant. He likes to interact

While in the tub Sam said "it smells like dr. Voss" haha. Dr. Voss is his pediatrician. But I don't know that if I'd describe him as having a bathtub smell! 

Sam came up to me and said "mom, you're a saint" a saint!? We never have taught him that word let alone do we ever say it? Who knows where that came from:) 

Today there has been intense wind storms all day. I commented to Eva and Sam if they could hear the howling wind to which Sam replied, "yeah the wind is flying jesus all around outside" ha. I have no idea where that came from! 

A few days back we got a package from nana and papa burton. It had some cute little clothes for Eliza and an awesome blanket for Sam! It has a hood attached to it that looks like batman, but Sam thinks it's a ninja! He puts it on his head and runs around like a ninja. He especially loves it because we told Sam that Zach is a master ninja! Ha. Sam was just blown away! Zach will run around doing "ninja moves" while Sam stands there stunned at what dad can do. It's adorable. So when this "ninja" blanket came same was pretty excited. We have some construction going on in the basement (we are remodeling) and one morning Sam put his blanket on and said "mom I'm going to go show the worker guys" he walked out the door and just stood in the hallway by them until they saw him and then he ran back to the room as quick as he could all embarrassed. Ha! When uncle kj was over Sam was bragging saying "kj my daddy's a master ninja!!!!" It's seriously so adorable ! And Zach does have some awesome ninja skills:)

I walked in the bathroom and found the following... Sam talking on his "phone" (an iPod Dock remote) while stirring my hairbrush in the toilet making "soup" for me. Oh dear! Silly boy. 
We try and keep bathroom doors closed because Sam likes to see how fast he can unroll all the toilet paper off the cardboard roll. I often find a pile of all the tp on a heap on the floor. Bathrooms are just off limits now;)
This reminds me of when Sam was 15 months old he walked into the bathroom while I was folding laundry in the bedroom. I heard the door close and went to get him. Just as I got there he pulled out the cupboard drawers so I couldn't get in! I tried to reach my fingers through the door crack and slowly inch the 3 drawers back in but Sam kept slamming my fingers in the door! Ouch! He thought it funny. I sure didn't! I could not get in and was worried he could fall in the toilet which would be tragic. He also started pulling everything out from under the sink and clanking glass bottles on the floor! I thought to take the door off but the hinges were on the inside! He was just pleasantly playing with all the things we don't let him play with and he knew it! He them dumped my makeup bag contents into the toilet bowl splashed his hand around and then happily came closed the drawers! I opened the door and he just walked out happily saying "hi mom" as he passed by! My goodness he had me in a panic! He keeps us on our toes! 

Sam, while sitting in his high chair eating, said "I'm so proud of you mom. " with a proud genuine smile. It was adorable. He then proceeded to tell me everyone else he is proud of. 
Eliza is quite the charmer! Grammie says that she is so social. Sam, Eliza and I went with Grammie and Issy to the natural history museum yesterday and it was amazing. Eliza was sooo tired but didn't want to go to bed because she wanted to see what was going on and interact with everyone. She is adorable. She loves to be sitting upright to see what is going on. We love out little angel. 

For thanksgiving we got to go up to a cabin in park city with the powers! It really was so wonderful! We were just thrilled to see them again so soon since they came for Eliza's blessing. The cabin had all of Geoff's family there so it was neat. We only missed Whitney and Chris and Colton otherwise everyone would be there! When we first got there everyone was hanging around talking. Sam just started dancing and galloping around. He ran up to Dodo and said "play your guitar for me!" Geoff picked up the guitar and played "go Sammy go! Go! Sammy be good!" Sam just danced and danced. Everyone laughed at how much energy he had! So fun! We had thanksgiving dinner that was delicious and then just spent time together.