Monday, January 17, 2011

It is official!

Many of you already knew, but I decided to publicly announce that I am Pregnant and Due July 30th 2011! This would make sense since.....

1. I have been so sick. sick. sick.
2. I am always tired, I could sleep all day:)
3. Smells drive me batty! Things like my favorite perfumes, my favorite salsa, my favorite soaps, and lotions etc. Are so gross, gross enough to gag.
4. I can only keep down certain foods like potatoes, refried beans, tomato soup, rice chex, etc. This sure makes cooking a chore!

Zach and I could not be more excited! The best thing that ever happened to me was marrying Zach, and the best thing that has ever happened to us is having this baby!!!!

The Delayed Christmas Post....

Warning...So many pictures ahead, all from our awesome Christmas Break, and I barely had any pictures of all the fun things we did with our families! here it goes...
Zach in all his awesomeness...
Eva's Christmas horse (homemade with Nana) is eating lettuce from the kitchen floor. Eva LOVED this horse. This is a major understatement.
Eden and Nana read lots and lots of stories! Eden has some stories memorized reciting the title of the book, the author, and then each page. The best part is that she tells the stories with emotion, and facial expressions!
Zach and I in our Christmas eve attire...I got Zach a men's nightshirt with his name embroidered on the pocket :) we all had a good laugh, and then I wore my annual Christmas onsie :)
This was Lydia in the nativity as can you guess? a lamb or something? I even combed her hair for her.
This is us as lambs/donkeys in the Christmas nativity.
The classic cousin trio here! Macyn, Wendy and I were all born close together and have been great friends ever since!
Check this little guy out! Especially those little animal hands!
The kiddos...look at Eva in her little wiseman get up and little oakley with the scrunched face.
Zach and Eva, wismen from the East.
We tricked Eva into being a wiseman by putting her little minnie mouse stuffed animal in the box so she could carry minnie around.
Eden was Mary, but she would say that her name was "Married"
Eva and Unlce Haydo down at Riverwoods.
Eden and Bethany at Thanksgiving point to see the Reindeer.
Looking at the Reindeer that were very very small.
This little one cracks me up. She woke up from a nap, climbed in her little sister Leila's pack and play and played Alien, her made up name was "SipSap". The Static got the best of her!

We played in the snow until we froze.
Eden and Eva's favorite was the snow man "clifford" that we made.

The break was so great! In fact other than the fun things we went out and did, we watched almost every Jane Austen movie we could get out hands on. We watched the full Pride and Prejudice, Emma (3 versions, watched multiple times!), We then watched sense and sensibility, and who knows all the other movies like that out there. It was definitely a blast.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Silly Gooses

So isn't it the greatest thing to have the "funnest" husband ever. Isn't it wonderful that there is never a dull moment in life with the one you love? Zach always keeps me giggling....

Check out Zachs hat, and the surprise kiss as we almost flopped into the pier!
Just look at him, how can I not join in his fun?!
I just had to add this silly picture of my niece Eva in...She always puts a smile on my face!



Zach wrote this beautiful poem for me. He is AMAZING!!!

Dear Kylie,

My Iris.
She is royal
like the purple that flows in petals
how the yellow laughs with glee
I want to hear that yellow
The smell
The symbol
she is my iris
my wife
I adore her
water her with kisses
and hold her deep in my soil arms
how I love her
she is growing
I want to keep her pure
and well
but alas
I am but earth
and cannot help this flower
she will die
at someday
her petals fall
like rain
it's sad yet
she as left behind
multiples come forth
from this
faithful iris
how she will
last and has lasted
she will come again
she will come again
when the sun rises
she will be an immortal
Royal as she is
And how we will all know
at that dawn
the beauty of
mothers love