Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Friends!

We recently had a wonderful night spent with some of our really great friends that we met at snow college. We had so much fun conversation and shared a few good laughs, ( and good tears). Oh it was rejuvenating. We laugh because we are all so very different in personality and taste but we share come ground on things we are interested and passionate about! It is great having them around especially all together!
We also all had babies close together and for the first time got them all together! It was exciting to see all their little personalities coming out. I have definitely decided that Sam is quite the social, exploring, opinionated little fellow. He is very animated!
We were do grateful we could spend some time with them all!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Smiles and more smiles!

Sam is such a happy little guy. Sometimes I feel like I am going to pop cause he is so adorable ! Aunt Ashley and uncle hunter sent some Kentucky onsies for Sam that he just looks so cute in! Thanks!
We have been going on walks nearly everyday and Sam LOVES riding in the stroller. Zach calls him a little puppy dog cause he stares at the stroller until we go outside on a walk. It has been cold but we bundle him up nice and snug! The other night the three of us went on a walk and after about fifteen minutes Zach noticed sams hat had twirled around. The picture below illustrates it! We were cracking up that he had not even made a peep! So cute. Usually he definitely let's us know when something like that happens!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Little update

Here is what we have been up to. . .
Sam now sits nearly on his own. Yay for bobby's that help him out!
Our good friends Shanae and Aaron moved back to ephraim so we had them over for dinner to catch up. Sam got to play with Lincoln their little guy. It was fun cause Shanae and I both had the same due date! We also both did natural births. We were good friends while we were pregnant and good supports for each other. I do have to say she was very brave and did a home birth. She has an awesome story I love to here her tells about it! We are just so excited to have them close again!
Sam has been such a fun little buddy! He now can also say papa on top of mama and dada. He just simply amazes me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

6 months old!

On Sam's 6 month mark, jan first, he said dada! It is so cute I will post a video soon. He says dada when he wants to play and when he sees Zach. So fun! He started saying mama a few weeks ago whenever he wanted food or comfort. We love that too! He babbles almost non stop. When he is waking up in the morning he starts babbling before his eyes are even open! Love it! He is basically sitting up on his own with the occasional plunge to the side. But for the most part he is doing really well! He is so fun and active. My mon laughs because once he is really crawling or walking she says I am gonna have a run for my money. Let's just say he is really active and adventurous. So fun.
We cherish having this little nugget around. I mean who couldn't? Loll at is little self!