Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Little Gnome Family

So this was clear back in October, but I found the pictures and could not help but post them! Look how cute our little gnome selfs are! Especially little Sam Man! Zach and I are both quite opposed to Halloween, In fact Zach really hates it. All the yucky, scary, evil stuff is just not worth celebrating. Yet I have this aversion to LOVE holidays. I like to celebrate whatever I can, because it just makes life that much more fun! So when It comes to halloween my family always did a bonfire on the corner of our house where we would all sit and talk, while we passed out yummy hot chocolate to all the trick or treaters. It has always been a favorite activity of mine! 
But down here in E-town we could not make it up for such festivities. Our ward was having a halloween party so we decided to go join the festivities. Zach said he would NOT dress up and celebrate such a holiday. Understood, yet I really wanted to do something fun! So, while he was at school I whipped up these gnome costumes. (my favorite was crocheting the beards!) When Zach came home he scraps of things here and there...He saw one of the hats and was kind of curious what I was making for our son. (I think he was secretly hoping that I made him a hat because I loved the color and really liked it! ha) Anyway I brought Sam out from the Sewing/craft/2nd bedroom all in his little gnome get up. Zach LOVED it! He loved it so much that he even WANTED to dress up in what I put together for him! Wow. 
So we went to the ward party and guess what?? We WON the COSTUME CONTEST! Hahahaha. When we left the party Zach kept saying, "I can't believe that I did not want to dress up in the first place and then here I am carrying away the prize for the contest."
I would say it was a pretty fun holiday, for both of us not really liking the holiday in the first place. 
Oh and by the way, Sam was quite the star. Everyone thought He was just the cutest little guy ever. And guess what? He is the cutest little guy ever!
So glad he will always be my little gnome!


  1. Oh my...glad you caught the spirit of the event! Halloween rivals any other as our favorite holiday. For the past 12 years or so we cook hotdogs and chili for the trick or treaters, sit around our firepit and chat with friends and family and now our ward has a Halloween party in our culdesac...all a result of our fun holiday tradition. The grandkids and I start planning their costumes a year in advance and Lauryn's sewing lessons now consist of sewing her Halloween costume for October. It is all about what you make of it!

    Congrats gnome family!

  2. Love it! What a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween! And I bet it is even nicer in Arizona..not as cold! We will definitely have to use some of those great ideas! Thanks!

  3. You were the cutest little family at the Halloween party :)