Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little nugget is 8 months!

Well march first mister Sam turned 8 months old! Wow. We started feeding him some avocados, we will for sure post some pictures! He thought the whole situation was weird. It was so cute.
He is very opinionated. Na na was holding him in the backyard and he would swing and toss himself where he wanted to go if she didn't walk the " right" way, well things got pretty traumatic. We like his little personality. He has a heart of gold and hugs and kisses all who hold him that is if he wants to be held by them:)

Oh yeah and we bought a car. Our Jetta is dying. The clutch is almost dead. Bummer. But ! We found an old Honda odyssey that we love and the price was awesome for all the work the owner had put in to it! We bought it on my birthday and it was such a prize! We feel so grateful. We definitely know that we are being watched out for. So that kind of sums it up for us these days. Life is so good. Sam really brings us the most joy that has ever been experienced for us. It is so wonderful!

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  1. what a sweetie pie...can't wait to meet him!