Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo catch up part 1 (7 months old!)

We have been up to quite a bit lately. Life is never ever boring with little people around! We have gone visiting to nana and papas where we played with cousins. I love the picture with Sam's little angel halo with flowers that cousin Eden insisted on him wearing! So funny! Sam gets a little overwhelmed sometimes with all the girls cousins who adore him! For instance Sam was taking a bath when Leila wanted to join. So in she came. He was a little hesitant but okay. Then in came Eva and Eden because what child wants to be left out of tubby time?! Once all the splashing fun began sam wanted out. And he wanted out immediately ! He is so determined and full of personality. I LOVE it as does his daddy! It has been so fun seeing Sam develop and grow. I don't ever want to forget all his little faces and how his little wiggly body feels. It is hard to remember life with out him !
And by the way the cool picture with Sam in a turban is brought to you by the fabulous aunt Lydia !

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